Cost-effective and Simple SIEM and Unified Threat Management Platform

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UTMStack® is a Unified Threat Management Platform that delivers all essential security services. It includes
threat detection and response, compliance management, log management (SIEM), vulnerability
management, network/host IDS/IPS, Asset Discovery, Endpoint Protection, Identity Management, Incident
Response, File Classification, Dark Web Monitoring, and threat Intelligence. UTMStack is designed for hybrid
environments and can be easily deployed across different cloud environments

Simpler and Cost-Effective
UTMStack stands for Unified Threat Management Stack. It is an All-in-One cybersecurity platform that
addresses all cybersecurity and compliance needs. It bundles several essential security products under a
single platform, making it cost-effective and simpler than most market solutions. This approach reduces
the learning curve for security professionals and the costs associated with buying different tools from
different vendors and increases the effectiveness of correlation engine rules. The platform also includes a
powerful dashboard and report builder that can be used to personalize your monitoring experience or for
advanced compliance auditing and reporting.

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