What is CronData?

A Production-ready Distribution of Prometheus.

Prometheus is becoming the infraestructure monitoring platform of choice for enterprises and cloud native environments because of its flexibility and simplicity. CronData is an enterprise-ready distribution of Apache Prometheus with optional enterprise-class support.

Production Ready

Regression tested and certified to work on any Ubuntu conformant distribution. Patches for serious bug fixes and a validated upgrade path.


Built-in alerting rules for most popular systems and cloud-native applications. Rule editing system and visualization of triggered events.

Data Analysis

Built-in Grafana dashboards for data analysis and exploration. A single feature-rich Grafana user interface.

Peace of Mind

Rest assured when using open-source software backed by SLAs and SLOs in production environments. Meet your open-source governance and compliance requirements.

Enterprise Support and Expertise

24/7 access to Prometheus experts for break/fix, help with identifying best practices and optimizing clusters for peak performance.

Certified Distribution

Eliminates the need for independent testing to validate that Prometheus will run correctly in your environment. Installs and upgrades are smooth, and patches are available when needed.

Enterprise Licensing and Support Pricing

Enterprise support from Atlas Inside and licensing cost for CronData includes 24/7 chat, ticketing and email support, access to monthly updates and features for a fixed yearly cost of 975 USD.

CommunityOpenSource without support.USD0.00

  • No support
  • No installation assistance
  • All features

EnterpriseOpenSurce with 24x7 supportUSD975

  • 24×7 support
  • Installation assistance
  • All features

SaaSManaged by our team. Hosted on AWS, Azure or GCPUSD0.712

  • No support
  • Installation assistance
  • All features


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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    CronData is a completely free, production-ready turnkey solution based on Prometheus, Grafana, and other open source tools combined to offer a superior experience for cloud and infrastructure monitoring with an optional subscription to enterprise-class support. It gives enterprises a partnership with Atlas Inside to operate CronData with support to launch, tune, and troubleshoot mission-critical deployments.
    Prometheus is an open-source systems monitoring and alerting toolkit with an active ecosystem. See the overview.
    Yes, we use Grafana for production metric visualization and advanced analytics.
    Yes, the various CronData modules implement Prometheus exporters like the  SNMP Exporter that allows monitoring of devices that support SNMP.
    Yes, using the Pushgateway. See also the best practices for monitoring batch jobs.
    Yes, the various CronData modules implement Prometheus exporters like the Node Exporter that exposes an extensive set of machine-level metrics on Linux and other Unix systems such as CPU usage, memory, disk utilization, filesystem fullness, and network bandwidth.