Free SIEM and Compliance Toolset

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58% percent of cyber-attacks target small to medium businesses, and 60% of those businesses will close their doors within six months. Cybersecurity is important, and it’s a challenge many businesses are having to adapt to. However, acquiring all the tools needed to protect an organization fully can be an expensive process, not to mention the learning curve that comes with mastering different applications. This is something that many small and medium businesses cannot afford. A cybersecurity company founded in 2017 named UTMStack noticed this and started working on a solution. After three years, they came up with a free Unified Threat Management Platform that manages all essential security services and bundles several tools that would cost a small fortune if purchased separately at market price. Even though UTMStack is still in an early “go-live” stage, the all-in-one cybersecurity platform already covers Log management (SIEM), Vulnerability Management, Identity Management, Incident Response, NIDS/HIDS, Endpoint Protection, Compliance manager, and File Classification, Threat Intelligence, Data Visualization/Analysis, and a robust Machine learning correlation engine. Will, all of this remain free? According to Ricardo Valdes, UTMStack’s CEO, the product was created to democratize cybersecurity and make it affordable and simpler for everyone. It is so simple and inexpensive that it can manage all essential cybersecurity services from a central place and user Interface and so affordable that it can be free of charge if a business decides to use the Community version.

It is always good to see free cybersecurity tools being made available, but what about the app’s reputation? Is it safe to use? According to UTMStack, most application components that handle and analyze data are open-source, and the code can be easily audited. Also, the community’s contribution is playing an important role in the development and maintenance of the solution. This allows them to keep the solution free with a surprisingly cheap enterprise version, including support and additional perks for $998 a year. Spoiler alert: The application seems to support the financial and healthcare industries as most of their current users are banks and healthcare-related institutions.

The cons: the installation can be a nightmare for non-technical folks. Even though the platform runs on Containers, it is only supported on Linux. They have, however, a very detailed guide with step-by-step instructions for tech-savvy users the want to try it out.

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