Private cloud compliance

Project Description

Private cloud compliance offers exceptional benefits related to cost reduction and business agility. However, the most important benefit might be the ability to maintain IT security and regulatory compliance.

Atlas Inside will migrate your current on-premises environment to a private cloud created by the team Atlas Inside without affecting your infrastructure, which will guarantee compliance with all regulations.

Unlike traditional SOC services, the SOC team the AtlasInside will work closely with your IT resources and provide you with best practice recommendations, take action to block attacks, and conduct proactive assessments and analyses. Thus ensuring maximum security for your infrastructures, regardless of how large they may be. Our solution is designed and developed following the strictest compliance requirements.

Our platform capabilities and services include asset discovery, vulnerability assessment, intrusion detection, service availability monitoring, log management, and file integrity monitoring, which enable us to:

  • Quickly identify and resolve compliance issues.
  • Provide flexible reporting and detailed executive dashboards.
  • Quickly and automatically discover and scan assets.
  • Stay on top of threats with host and network IDS for continuous threat detection.
  • Demonstrate compliance with real-time security control evaluation.


Review From Our Client

AtlasInside will make your current on-premises environment compliant with regulations. By migrating your infrastructure on a custom Private Cloud.